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A great thank you!
I d like to thank you for the honour you do me by entering the site of Small Luxury Dinners, which represents to me the realization of a dream.

My name is Melina, and I would like to share with you all the joy I have felt creating each table setting.  I will continue to share with you this joy, through the ideas which you will be able to see in the upcoming months (within the first ten days of each month) by clicking on the DECORATION button.

I have always seen in flowers a means to express my creativity and imagination. Anything that surrounds me, any thought, idea, or image, a trip, αn object, anything concrete or abstract, constitutes for me the beginning of a decorative proposal for the art de la table.

In that way, as you will see, the blossomed flowers , the lady birds,  the forest,  the rose garden, the snow flake , just to mention a few of these proposals, represent many years of expression and creativity, which I have shared with my friends and acquaintances.

By presenting them to you through this site, I open my home to you and I welcome you to the Small Luxury Dinners family.